happy solstice

21 12 2011

compost, consumerism and christmas, a brief slide show from St Pauls to warm the shortest day and longest night

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11 11 2011

we may currently be ruled by digits and economic greed rather than emotional intelligence, however we are becoming more conscious and aware, which maybe brings hope for change.

writing on the wall

26 10 2011

artists at the 2011 venice biennalle have been writing on the wall, both sanctioned inside the pavillions, such as ‘this is your future education is a right’ and ‘trust or control’ (though I was unsure whether the artist had added this graffiti across his work in unsanctioned protest against his curator, he did seem to be articulating contemporary concerns), invited contributions such as ‘I won’t sell my time 4 money’ and unsanctioned work outside the pavillions such as the anonymous stateless immigrants pavilion graffitti and their powerful ‘sold out’ message on the greek pavillion (which according to one review was met with some sympathy by the greek artist whose very pure work was exhibited within the pavillion).  The writing is on the wall and today the EU meet again to face some of their responsibilities, we live in hope …


24 10 2011

so much in the venice biennalle – will be processing the work for months to come!  Here is the wall of the arsenale, gold in the evening sun

summer’s back

1 10 2011

amazing weather, the hottest september for 100 years, now the hottest october day on record.  Very lucky to be getting so much sea time…

summer’s end

26 08 2011

can’t believe it is the end of august already.  I am enjoying vicarious travel with art tourist



and the joys of the west country in quiet places at this busy time of year

disposable somerset?

21 07 2011

At Hinkley Point in Somerset, the site of an old nuclear power station seen below, the go ahead has just been given to commence works filling in a valley to prepare for building Europe’s biggest nuclear power station.  Theoretically government permission has not yet been given, however from several politician’s comments recently it appears likely that the development is going to go ahead despite the experience of Japan.

Shortsighted and out of sight this development, which is on the site of a tsunami that happened in the middle ages,  will cost too much in every way – we need power, we need alternative power, we need visionary thinking.